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AM, under the commercial designation of AM_LIGHTING, is a company located in Navarra (Pamplona) that has an advantageous network of communications by road, rail and air with the main capitals of Europe and the rest of Spain. It was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of the Industrias ZELU group. The other company of the group, KLAM, is a consolidated company in the commercial vehicle sector and one of the most worldwide recognized manufacturer of electrical brakes, also called Retarders.


Not only the design and manufacture of electrical equipment for the product manufactured by KLAM but also lighting systems for rolling stock and power conversion systems are the basis for the establishment of AM-LIGHTING.



Hardware and human resources

AM has the required resources for the design, testing and prototyping before serial production. Our R & D department consists of highly qualified staff for the development of lighting systems and electronic equipment for low / medium power applications. 

 Our human staff has a wide and long experience in the electricity market and their motivation is one of the most important features that makes our latent presence in different market segments worldwide. 

Our R & D resources are not limited to our staff, we also work closely with various public and private entities that allow us to optimize our designs and components used.  
In our premises we have the necessary equipment to manufacture the complete product, such as winding machines, pneumatic presses, wave soldering facilities, saws, drills CNC... .. and dedicated software for advanced design.


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Our quality control department has all the necessary equipments to control the materials and the production process at a desired time (durometer, LCRs, oscilloscopes, lux meters, torque tweezers, calibration equipment, magnetic field meters for EMI pre-certification, etc .. ). 
AM is under its own quality certification process, based on those already fulfilled by ZELU INDUSTRIES (ISO / TS 16949), as well as other related to the electromagnetic compatibility of the products manufactured and the components used therein (EN50121 -3 to 2, ERE R10, 95/28 / CE, EN45545, ..).
We focus on the fact that all components used in the manufacturing of our products meet the most demanding features according to their working conditions.