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AM-LIGHTING has a wide variety of lighting fixtures, taylor-made and commercial types designed according to customer requirements:

All our design are based on luminaire features such as:

 - Type: spots, LED strips, recessed, corner, central, anti-vandalism, folding, waterproof, easy maintenance, etc ...

 - Light source: LED or fluorescent. In the case of LED, we design and manufacture our own LED strips, T8-LED Tubes and drivers with high performance components. 

- Light transmission: polycarbonate diffusers under demanding compliance with fire regulations and tempered glass in all types of finishes. 
We also provide photometric studies of our design proposals based on 3D models of the fixture and the interior.

All our lighting fixtures and their components meet European standards concerning electrical, photometric, fireproof, maintenance and security issues, such as ECE-R10,NF-F-16101, EN45545-HL2, EN13272, ...





We also design and manufacture aluminum profiles with built-in LED lighting in different finishes and fully waterproof with a long service life. 
Both, epoxi and color LEDs can be supplied in different colors according to the desired specification or application. 
The fields of application are different:  
- Vehicle entrance, walkways, floors and exit step area illumination. 
- Visual effects in interior/exterior places.  
Our standard profile is mounted easily on the edge of the step, in order to establish a visual aid to the passenger at any angle and also a nice finish in the interior of the vehicle.

These profiles have an easy fastening using special adhesives or screws. 

Taylor-made designs can be provided according to an specific aluminum profile, color, dynamic effect, AC/DC supply voltages and so on.





Our interior displays provide indoor static or dynamic information. The lighting source is LED and the panel may be non-degradable polycarbonate or vinyl mounted on aluminum housing.
In the case of dynamic information indicators, we have digital clocks with thermometer function included (+ temperature probe). The housing design is in accordance with the customer requirements although we have standard types.
They are normally used for indoorapplications, such as toilet signalers, emergency exits, time and temperature information, etc.
We can also design and manufacture products under request for special requirements and/or different supply voltages.




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