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Electronic ballasts are DC / AC converters designed to allow the ignition and operation of fluorescent lamps with the greatest possible efficiency and durability. We have two families of electronic ballasts:
- COMPAK-Series. This family is an economical, well proven and very reliable solution for every application in which the power supply source is constitued by a battery or group of them (12V, 24V and 48Vdc) mounted on static or mobile locations (vehicles). It meets the requirements of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and those of the EN 55015 Standard that lays down the related permissible limits. It is also certified and e-marked
according to the directive 2004/104/EC (old 95/54/EC). 
The most common applications are:
1) The interior lighting of any vehicle, both public transportation (mostly bus & coach), industrial use or service vans.
2) The lighting of dwellings from the tension generated in solar batteries.
- BALCON-Series. This family is specially designed for railway applications where DC power source (battery) is 24V, 72V or 110VDC, and the operating conditions are very demanding in terms of vibration, temperature, switching cycles (over 500.000 with the same lamp), compatibility and electromagnetic immunity, performance, etc ...
The most common applications are:
1) Interior lighting for passenger departments, platforms and cabs (metro, trams and intercity trains)
2) Interior lighting for cabs and engine rooms in locomotives
Besides our commercial types we also design and manufacture taylor-made inverters according to customer specifications. Within our commercial range there are different models depending on: type and number of lamps/LEDs, supply voltage requirements, dimming, isolation grade, ...
This robust family is designed according to the current international railway standards like UIC 555.1,EN 50155, IEC 60571 and EN 50121-3-2.





The purpose of these equipment is to convert the input voltage into another voltage level at the output at a specified output power. The output voltage can be bigger or smaller than the input's and so we can talk of Boost(Step-up) or Buck(Step-down) DC/DC converters. The technology of buck types can be either linear (dissipative) or PWM (pulsating) type. For the boost types the only possible technology is PWM. Within PWM technology there are also many different topologies.

Linear technology, although it has lower performance and thus less extended, is suitable for low power application where economy, simplicity and lack of EMI filters are key design issues.
Besides our standard types (linear, step-down), we also design and manufacture converters according to customer specifications.
All our models meet European standards.



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