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Mexico Metro

AM will supply the LED interior lighting for the new Line 1 metro units in the City of Mexico. The lighting source will consist of high efficiency T8-LED lamps.

Each train unit consists of 9 cars which provide large passenger carrying capacity to the operator. This contract builds on the project for the refurbishment of rolling stock and infrastructure currently being conducted by the Sistema de Transporte Colectivo.

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Quito Metro


AM is the supplier of the LED interior lighting for the first metro line units in the city of Quito. Each new unit is made up of 6 cars. These are vehicles designed for mass transit under the highest quality and safety standards, and can run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

Quito, the capital of the Republic of Ecuador is the second most populated city in the country with approximately 2.5 million inhabitants. This first metro line will comprise 15 stations along the 23 Km line, from Quitumbe in the south to El Labrador in the north.


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Newcastle tramway

NewcastleAM will supply the LED interior lighting for the new rail vehicles for Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW). This new fleet will run on the tram network of Newcastle in Australia.

These new 100% low floor vehicles are made of 5 modules which make boarding and alighting all the more easier as the floor is at the exact same height as the platform.

AM is one of the main Urban Rail Vehicle lighting system suppliers in Australia showcasing projects in other cities such as Canberra and Sydney.


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Caledonian sleeper passenger coaches

caledonian sleeper

AM has got an order of color-LED based interior displays for the new Caledonian Sleeper franchise passenger coaches operating between London and Scotland. There are five types of cars arranged in up to sixteen car trains.

Specifically, the new fleet features First and Second Class Cars, Lounge Car and Sleeper Cars. First Class Cars are provided with aircraft type seats for high passenger comfort. In addition, these new cars feature passenger accessibility enhancements.

Serco Group Plc has been selected by Transport Scotland to operate this service which links the Scotland's cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William with London.

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Canberra tramway


AM has been allocated for the supplying of the LED interior lighting of the 14 new trams for the city of Canberra. These trams are composed of five modules and are low floor along its entire length, which helps to avoid tripping passengers. This vehicle not only has the best accessibility for the disabled; also meets the highest requirements of eco-design, integrated into the architectural environment and maintaining a high level of performance.

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LED Technology


AM keeps on with deliveries of LED profiles to europeanmanufacturers of coaches.

This product, in addition to improving the image of the inside of a room where there are steps, it also improves the visibility of access and evacuation to avoid accidents due to lack of lighting.

AM leads the supplying of several thousand LED spots for door entrance lighting in the new low-floor trams operating in Europe.


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